Insight into the Industry with Goodman

Last week, we hosted a member-exclusive webinar with our Preferred Partner Goodman, where we discussed the 2020 shutdowns and the lasting effects it left on the HVAC and freight industries. Additionally, Goodman gave us a preview of what we can expect for the remainder of 2021.

This past year has brought many hardships, and its impact can still be felt across many industries. For Goodman, they were affected by factory shutdowns, labor and component shortages, and capacity issues. Yet, despite those challenges, demand still soared due to hot weather across the country, increased work-from-home customers, and additional income from stimulus checks.

Looking forward, Goodman is forecasting similar trends and behaviors. However, now they face cost pressures from global metal shortages and inflation and freight issues due to continued labor shortages. All of this leads to Goodman needing to raise their price midseason for the first time in years.

Beyond the fulfillment issues, Goodman is still excited about their new product launch – the 20 SEER AC/HP Model Families. These products, unveiled earlier this year, feature a premium sound blanket, “Boost Mode” setting, swing and scroll compressors, ComfortBridge Technology compatibility, and more.

Watch our recent webinar with Goodman to hear an in-depth explanation of their shortages, price increase, and new product launch, or view the presentation slides.