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The math is simple: if the savings, rebates, and knowledge you receive exceed your investment in a BuyMax membership, then BuyMax is a valuable investment. To help you understand what your investment could look like, we created an ROI Calculator to show you how BuyMax can save you money on things you’re already purchasing and how membership can pay for itself.

The BuyMax ROI Calculator will provide you an approximation of the savings you can achieve by leveraging BuyMax Preferred Vendor partners. The ROI Calculator will estimate your potential rebates and savings based on your total revenue and industry averages for the cost of goods sold and overhead expenses. Simply choose which trade you work in, then input your total revenue for last year or your anticipated year-end revenue for this year.

Assumptions Made in the BuyMax Rebate Calculator

  • Contractors report 100% of their equipment, parts, or material associated with costs of goods sold.
  • Rebates & savings are based on averages per category and trade.
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