Testimonials Businesses Grow with BuyMax
  • Incredibly Easy Experience with BuyMax Fleets
    BuyMax Fleet Services was incredibly easy for us to use. I was interested in purchasing a van for our business and was quickly connected with BuyMax. From there, they handled everything for us - from the purchase to installing our graphics. BuyMax Fleet Services are perfect, and the price was good as well.

    - Jeffrey B.

    Eastman, GA
  • It should be called SavingsMax!
    Since we joined BuyMax, our membership has been covered by our rebates from things we were already purchasing! It is an easy process to enter our numbers and the checks arrive in a timely fashion. I love the fact that we have been introduced to many vendors that offer effective business solutions. It should be called SavingsMax!

    - Marion S.

    Linthicum Heights, MD
  • We can count on for quality products and services.
    We love having access to vetted and approved vendors we can count on for quality products and services. Combined buying power discounts are always welcome too.

    - Donna H.

    Kingsport, TN
  • I love the Staple's discounts.
    I love the Staple's discounts. I go to the store and the cashier rings it up. When I swipe my credit card, the amount owed magically drops.

    - John A.

    Old Greenwich, CT
  • Better Pricing
    Being able to get better pricing on a variety of supplies and equipment is great for the bottom line. Getting a rebate is icing on the cake.

    - Dan B.

    Potsdam, NY
  • Our sales are way up!
    BuyMax has allowed me to keep my products competitive. I’m able to sell better products at a great price. Our sales are way up!

    - Michael T.

    Fredericksburg, VA
  • Prices I've never dreamed of.
    BuyMax has the power to negotiate prices I've never dreamed of.

    - Marvin K.

    Denver, CO
  • Our phone bills dropped.
    Our cell phone bills were consistently costing us $2,400 a month. After becoming a BuyMax member, they dropped over $600.00 a month. We used the savings to build our office expansion.

    - Jared D.

    Warrenton, VA
  • We no longer have to shop for the best prices.
    Using BuyMax for our business needs has saved us time. We no longer have to shop for the best prices. We now have an extra few hours a week we can devote to our children.

    - Brian and Chrissy M.

    North Royalton, OH
  • Take advantage of BuyMax.
    I can’t imagine why anyone would not want to take advantage of the resources and savings offered. In the past two years, I have received discounts in excess of $16,500.

    - Donna L.

    Huntsville, AL