Strategies to Turn Your HVAC Techs into Lead Generators

Strategies to Turn Your HVAC Techs into Lead Generators

Aeroseal LogoYour business’s reputation is directly tied to its success and your boots-on-the-ground ambassadors and your technicians. Often, homeowners can be left unhappy with their services if they feel contractors are not addressing their concerns.

These obstacles can arise when technicians are not properly trained or equipped to generate leads. In this guide, we have partnered with our preferred vendor Aeroseal to create strategies for your technicians to become professional ambassadors and lead generators for your business.

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The Approaches

Volume Approach: Balance Quantity with Quality

Well-equipped techs balance a moderate number of calls within a day to maximize the quality of services for each. Additionally, the extra time at each call allows techs to spot other HVAC issues, generating leads.

Frequently, techs are expected to tackle as many calls as possible per day. This pitfall promotes mistakes and, eventually, callbacks, which can impact your reviews through repeat business and long-term revenue.

Bigger Ticket: Bundle Services to Increase Ticket Sales

Allowing techs more time with customers to build a rapport and generate leads may mean only averaging three to four calls per day, which can thin profit margins.

A good way to combat this is by promoting bundled services. Your business can be a homeowner’s one-stop-shop for HVAC issues. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), comfort products, and more – especially with more homeowners choosing to work from home. A bigger ticket eliminates profit margin issues and gives techs more time to make homeowners aware of the impact these bundled packages can bring them.

Core Business: Taking a Whole-House Approach

A common pitfall in the HVAC industry is to have a concentrated approach to specialized products within a home. The issue with this is it pigeonholes your business to begin seasonal or for only specific types of homeowners.

Training your techs on a whole-house approach gives your services a broader scope and creates more sales opportunities. This requires techs to have a better understanding of the duct system’s critical role in the home. From humidity control, air infiltration, and SEER delivery to delivery of conditioned air, sizing of mechanicals, and HVAC system balance – you need duct experts to ensure a core business approach pays off.

How Aeroseal Can Help

With Aeroseal duct sealing, your business can provide opportunities to your customers to reduce utility bills while improving indoor air quality and comfort. This can be done through a bundled Clean and Seal offer, which provides a more complete service for the homeowner and has a significant impact on their home, making them even more satisfied.

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