Homeowner Mistakes Lead to Contractor Fixes

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have always been a popular money-saving choice for the homeowner, but never more so than during lockdown when homeowners were required to spend more time at home.

In fact, a study by Bid-On-Equipment showed that 89% of homeowners made some improvement to their homes during the pandemic, and 1 in 10 made an improvement to their homes for the first time in 2020. In addition, while 27% of these homeowners decided to hire a contractor to complete these projects, almost 60% chose to do it by themselves.

Unfortunately, these DIY projects do not always turn out as envisioned and instead turn into a more significant expense when they need to call in a contractor to help fix their mistakes.

We have teamed up with our preferred lender, Ally Lending, the personal lending arm of Ally Bank, to present a list of the common DIY mistakes that you may have to fix for your customers. Content from this blog was previously published by Ally Lending on their website.

The Mistakes

  1. Plumbing Pitfalls

    Unclogging pipes can be a simple task – that is, until a problem arises. Pipes are more complex than most people realize and, without the proper skill set, a project can quickly result in extensive water damage.
  2. HVAC Hazards

    HVAC mistakes can stack up quickly as homeowners often decide to wave regular maintenance in the hopes of saving money. They regularly take the “hands-off” approach, which leads to blocked vents or neglected filters.
  3. Electrical Emergencies

    A common source of electrical missteps is loose wires, which creates safety concerns like fires or electrocution or even shorting the entire system. Installing a light fixture without skills in electrical work is not worth a disastrous mistake.
  4. Poorly Placed Plants

    While aesthetic and curb appeal are helpful when considering the plants for a landscaping project, it is also essential to think about the long-term implications of the selected plants. For example, poorly chosen or planted plants could grow up and damage a home’s siding or destroy a walkway.

The Fixes – and How Your Business Can Benefit

While DIYs are popular and a contractor can often correct the mistakes, the homeowner may incur much more of an expense than if they just went with the contractor to begin with.

This is where your business can benefit – as a marketing strategy, urge your potential customers to think of the long-term benefits of using your services. While trying to do the job themselves may seem like a money-saving tactic, it is more valuable to pay for a contractor to do the job correctly the first time.

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