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IAQ and Fire Safety Month: We’ve Got Products for That

October is both Fire Safety Month and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) awareness month. Two very important months for the health and safety of your customers. Lucky for you, BuyMax has products for both topics that you can offer to your customers to keep them safe.

Indoor Air Quality Month

Most American’s spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where the air can be 2x to 5x more polluted than the outdoor air. So, it’s no wonder there is a month dedicated to educating homeowners about the importance of good indoor air quality and measures that can be taken to improve it.

Many things can lead to this higher indoor air pollutants like tobacco, pet dander, cleaning products, stoves, heaters, and more, which can lead to irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, fatigue, and more. Not only that, but poor indoor air quality can wreak havoc on your HVAC system and cause it to work harder, leading to a shorter life span.

BuyMax has products to help combat all your customers IAQ concerns. 

  • MicroPower Guard: This electronic air cleaner is highly effective at eliminating up to 97% of airborne particles that can compromise your indoor air quality. By doing so, it significantly enhances the safety and comfort of the air your family breathes. This comprehensive purification process removes common allergens like pollen, biological matter, and dust mite pellets, along with overlooked contaminants such as bacteria, smoke, and various odors that might otherwise persist in your indoor environment.
  • UV Light: Utilizing ultraviolet purification technology, UV light sterilization fosters a healthier and more revitalizing indoor atmosphere. This cutting-edge technology achieves this by significantly diminishing and regulating odors, as well as reducing the presence of airborne toxic substances and infectious agents within the home's ductwork systems. Our UV Lights can play a crucial role in helping to eliminate contaminants such as mold, mildew, airborne germs, bacteria, and viruses for a cleaner and safer environment.
  • PCO Plus: The PCO Plus product integrates the power of photocatalytic oxidation and UV light technology, effectively reducing airborne viruses by over 90% within just a few air exchanges. Beyond virus reduction, it actively eliminates harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, toxic gases, and unpleasant odorts from the air through activated oxygen. What makes PCO Plus exceptional is its chemical-free nature, ensuring the safety of your equipment and the surrounding environment.

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Fire Safety Month

Educating your customers on the importance of fire prevention and the proper use of fire safety equipment is the goal of Fire Safety Month. At BuyMax, we offer an array of products for your customers that can help alert them of a fire or help to prevent one altogether.

  • Smoke & Fire Alarms: BuyMax provides smoke and fire alarms equipped with an innovative patented microprocessor intelligence known as U.S.S.T. This technology excels in the rapid detection of fast-flaming fires while also displaying swift responsiveness to slow, smoldering fires.
  • Whole-Home Power/Surge Protection: Surge protectors can help prevent fires by suppressing voltage spikes and electrical surges, reducing the risk of overheating or electrical faults that could lead to ignition. This groundbreaking product safeguards residences against power surges and spikes, all the while incorporating harmonic filtration and power factor correction, ultimately leading to energy efficiency and cost reduction.

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