Savings Rebates

Unlocking Savings: The Complete Guide to Rebates with BuyMax

Rebates: A Game-Changer for Your Budget

Rebates are financial incentives our vendors give to our members for purchases members make of a product or service. They are usually given to help offset the cost of a customer's total bill and encourage customers to make a purchase.

No matter how large or small your purchase, the rebates add up! If you only purchase once or twice a year from a vendor, you may be inclined not to submit for your rebates. However, over time, those purchases add up and can impact your bottom line.

If you purchase products or services and BuyMax offers a rebate from that vendor, you should take advantage of it. As a BuyMax member, you are eligible for exclusive rebates on purchases you are already making. These rebates allow you to get money straight into your pocket.

To qualify for these rebates, you need to enroll through BuyMax. You can achieve this by visiting dedicated links designated for each vendor or by contacting the vendor directly and indicating your BuyMax membership status. It is important to note that the process for establishing your arrangement with each vendor may vary.

Are You Submitting Rebates the Proper Way?

To ensure you are receiving the best possible rebate on your purchases, you must sign up and submit your rebates through BuyMax. Follow these simple steps to learn how to submit rebates properly so you aren't leaving any money on the table:

  • Log into the BuyMax Member Portal. If you do not know your login and password, please email
  • Click on Vendor List.
  • Search for the vendor you are currently using or wish to purchase from.
  • Click on the vendor.
  • Review the vendor page to determine how to sign up for our exclusive rebates. This may be done by emailing the vendor directly or using a sign-up link on their page.

At the end of every quarter, we ask that you submit your spend for the quarter for each vendor. This will help us ensure you get the correct rebate from each vendor. We compare the spend you reported to the spend the vendor reported and work with both parties should any discrepancies arise.

The Power of Smart Shopping

In addition to the rebates BuyMax offers, we have worked hard to negotiate the best possible pricing and promotions on products and services.

We offer both rebates and discounts in the following areas:

  • Fleet: Our program offers tailor-made and scalable solutions to address your business's vehicle requirements, including procurement, leasing, fuel card management, and more.
  • Telecommunications: Count on us for dependable telecommunications solutions that connect your team and customers at industry-leading rates.
  • Insurance Program: In collaboration with one of the nation's top insurance brokers, we deliver competitive premium rates and the coverage your business requires.
  • Consumer Financing: Explore our options to help your customers finance their projects at the most favorable rates. Financing benefits your customers and boosts your revenue and average ticket size.
  • HR and Administrative Services: Partnering with a diverse range of vendors, BuyMax assists you in managing every aspect of your business operations. We've got you covered, from HR and administrative needs to payroll and office supplies.

Real-Life Savings Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some things our customers have said about BuyMax and how we have helped with their bottom line.

"If you are buying products and not taking advantage of BuyMax, you are throwing money away. Last year, we received more than $555,000 in rebates, which certainly helped our bottom line." – Richie D.

"BuyMax does the legwork of negotiating and shopping vendors for us. We benefit from the discounts and services, which helps our bottom line." – Bill W.

"Being able to get better pricing on a variety of supplies and equipment is great for the bottom line. Getting a rebate is icing on the cake." – Dan B.

Joining BuyMax: A Simple Process

If you are not a BuyMax member or want to ensure you submit your rebates correctly, reach out to today, and we will help get you started. Start saving today with BuyMax.