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How Milwaukee Tools Tailored a Program for a New Franchise

Starting a business typically requires a ton of upfront capital to get your business off the ground. Any cost savings your business can get is important as you are ramping up to open.

Take it from Ben Gordon who recently opened the Mister Sparky Electric in Dayton, OH back in August of 2023. Ben was introduced to the BuyMax and Milwaukee Tool partnership which helped him purchase and provide tools for each of his four electricians.

Since August 2023, Ben purchased about $8,000 worth of tools from Milwaukee Tools and has received over $3,000 in credit to purchase additional tools from them! Read on to learn more about how Ben made this happen.

Milwaukee Tools Trade In Program

BuyMax partnered with Milwaukee Tools last year to bring our owners their trade in program. If you trade in two competitive cordless tools, you get one M18 fuel kit for free. This is a great program for established franchisees.

When Ben heard about the program, he was interested, but since they are brand new, they had no tools to trade in. His location was in the growing and establishing phase when the program kicked off.

As a new business owner, Ben was trying to develop relationships with different vendors to determine who he wanted to partner with. This led him to reach out to his local Milwaukee Tools rep to see what they could do for him.

Milwaukee Tools was able to help tailor a program for Ben and his team to get them up and running with their tools. The program they created was if Ben bought 2 tools, Milwaukee would give them one tool for free, in the form of a credit, so they could purchase what they needed.

How This Program Has Helped Dayton Get Up and Running

“This program has allowed us to provide new electricians with the right tools without asking them to sacrifice something or to get by with less. We have been able to tool up our electricians properly to go do the job the right way. It has allowed them to hit the ground running,” Ben shared.

For every electrician they have tooled up, they are about halfway there monetarily for the next one. Ben has spent a lot on tools with them because of the relationship they have developed and how it has helped his business get up and running.

The learning curve for these products wasn’t a steep one either. All his electricians have used Milwaukee Tools in the past and were happy with the brand. The number one item they buy is a kit that has a hammer drill, impact drill, battery, and charger. In addition to that they also purchase vacuums, tower lights, oscillating tools, hack saws, and extra batteries and chargers.

Advice to Other Franchise Owners

“If you want to grow efficiently and are on a budget, or even if you aren’t on a budget, the advantages and savings are obvious. They have a great lineup of tools,” Ben said.

Ben is the first to recommend this program to any owner. He is pleased with the relationship they have developed with their rep and has nothing but great things to say about him. Once Ben’s electricians are ready to trade in their tools, they will be taking advantage of the trade in program. Or, if Ben hires an electrician who has older tools, he will make sure they trade them in for new Milwaukee Tools.

Other BuyMax Vendors

Ben has been happy with BuyMax and its programs since the beginning. He also uses HD Supply to purchase about 75% of his inventory and uses City Electric for the other 25%. In addition to that, Ben uses Comprehensive Employment Solutions for his payroll and HR needs and purchases his uniforms from Cintas.

If you are interested in learning more about the BuyMax and Milwaukee Tools program, contact your BuyMax Regional Account Manager or email support@4buymax.com today.