Screenmobile of Destin team in front of their truck

How One Screenmobile Saved $40,000 a Year with BuyMax Programs

Adam Albarado has owned the Screenmobile in Destin, FL since 2019. There, he services a few local counties with his team of 11 employees and 6 vans on the road. Last year, Adam reached out to BuyMax to see how he could save money by switching and utilizing BuyMax vendors.

The BuyMax team recommended he review his insurance and HR programs and get quotes from both Gallagher Insurance and ADP respectively. Adam found out he could save about $18,000 with Gallagher Insurance for his auto needs and about $20,000 by switching to ADP! Let’s hear how he did it.

Saving with Gallagher Auto Insurance

The decision to switch came at the right time for Adam. It was near the end of the year when his policies were up for renewal. Adam’s primary goal for getting a quote was seeing how much he could save without compromising on the quality of coverage." I always listen to anyone's pitch," he notes, emphasizing the importance of being open to new opportunities.

His journey with Gallagher Insurance began by filling out their online quote request form, kickstarting their relationship and open dialogue. He was presented with a few quotes for different types of insurance and the quote for auto insurance was what sold him. It was showing a savings of $18,000 annually, making the switch a no-brainer.

Moving policies to Gallagher Insurance was a smooth transition. The team at Gallagher was very responsive and addressed any hiccups promptly. Adam said they had missed one of his vans on the quote but quickly fixed it and had great customer service throughout.

Counting the Savings: A Bottom-Line Boost

"I was really overspending on auto insurance," he admits. When asked to quantify what his $18,000 savings meant to his business, he said it would equate to an entire payroll or pay period. Or approximately 20% of sales for a month. The impact is undeniable, and Adam applauds Gallagher for their responsiveness and making the transition an easy one.

With six vehicles covered by Gallagher, Adam is reaping the rewards of a cost-effective and reliable insurance solution.

Advice to Fellow Franchisees: Take the Leap

For franchisees hesitant to switch insurance vendors, Adam said, "Give them a shot." He encourages others to explore and see if it aligns with their business needs. "This is a bottom-line driven business, and I won't do something if it doesn't make sense. You have nothing to lose by getting a quote and seeing what they can do."

Adam went on to highlight their excellent customer service he continues to experience with Gallagher, emphasizing their responsiveness to his questions.

Beyond Insurance: Navigating Vendor Partnerships with BuyMax

Aside from Gallagher, Adam also uses a few other vendors from BuyMax: ADP, Mike Albert, and the Apparel+ Store Powered by Darter Specialties.

ADP is another key partner where Adam saw significant savings. By switching from his previous payroll company to ADP, he was able to save a whopping $20,000 a year! He did say the switch requires him to do more work when it comes to payroll processing, but the savings was enough to make the switch worth the additional time and work.

Adam also uses Mike Albert and likes their real-time diagnostics and ability for his team to take their vans in to get serviced themselves. The fact that his employees can take their vans to get serviced at any Mike Albert has helped Adam streamline operations and save himself some time. Adam or his operations manager used to have to take all vans in for service, but can now delegate this task to his employees.

Adam also uses the Apparel+ Store Powered by Darter for yard signs, uniforms, and other branded items. He has been very happy with the Apparel Store and the customer service they provide.

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