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Benefits of Brita PRO Products and How They Can Increase your Business Opportunities

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ned Norquist, who is the owner of the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise in Yorkville, Illinois. Ned joined the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing business in June 2003. He currently has three service trucks and is looking to expand next year and add two additional trucks.

Ned applied to become a Brita PRO product dealer in March of this year. His franchise was selling water products before, but not specifically the Brita PRO products.

Ned became interested in selling Brita PRO products after reading the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s internal owner newsletter. He saw how the Lancaster, Pennsylvania franchise was exceeding sales in their 3- stage water treatment system. Ned later explained how he reached out to the manager of the Lancaster franchise to have his technicians shadow Lancaster’s to learn more about the water systems.

When asked what made him want to become a Brita PRO dealer, he said that “the name Brita itself is reputable. Everyone knows or has heard of the Brita brand.” He saw this as an opportunity and did not want to miss out on the brand that is well-trusted and recognizable in the community. Ned stated, “I want to build a water conditioning business based on the foundation of trust and equality that Brita has already developed.”

With the transition in upselling the new Brita PRO products, Ned mentioned how his technicians have been working on bringing water conditioning up in the conversation with homeowners to do the water testing as a long-term solution for the issues that they were having before. Now with the Brita PRO name added to the conversation, the company has helped open doors and opportunities for their business with the trustworthy brand that everyone knows.

Brita Pro Products Effect on Revenue

As new opportunities are pouring in from the Brita PRO products, so is revenue. Ned told us how the Brita PRO name had affected his business’s revenue and bottom line. Dissecting from Mid-April of last year, as a company, they ran 425 calls. Ned then mentioned how there was $0 generated from water conditioning. Compared to April of this year, they ran 58 fewer calls in the same period, with an average ticket of around $1,000. This increased their revenue by 15% in the same time period compared to last year. There were 23 installs of Brita PRO equipment, with the average ticket amount being a little over $5,000. “This is only the infant stage of it, just the beginning. So, it will work if you work it.”

Ned later added how, as plumbers, they should be responsible for the water quality entering their clients’ homes. Brita PRO has given them the opportunity to offer homeowners solutions that will protect them and their water for the long haul. Giving his plumbers this purpose and mission have helped them become passionate when it comes to selling these water products. Brita PRO is also a big part of the reason they have been so successful in selling water treatment products.

Bringing Brita PRO to Your Business

Brita PRO provides proper training and customer service to help onboard new product dealers. While he is in the process of becoming an official Brita PRO dealer, he stated that he has set up a focus for his technicians and attends training every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning for an hour to gain knowledge on all the aspects of the products. Customer service and technical support have been excellent, with quick and fast responses when needed. With Brita PRO, BuyMax helps organize and provide all the necessary training needed for our franchise owners to learn about all the Brita PRO products available. BuyMax can help you get started with the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing branded water filtration system.

What Customers are Saying After Installation of Brita PRO

“My hair and skin feel so much better and softer. I can make coffee from the tap, and there’s no need to buy bottled water anymore. I don’t have to see hundreds of dollars literally go down the drain because now we are using less soap and shampoo. This investment is worth every penny.” – Christine M.

“Our family loves it! The BFP crew was excellent! I had the system for one month, and the entire family noticed the difference in the softness of the water while showering. The water has a more pronounced cleaner and better taste. It doesn’t taste like chlorine anymore! No grime! We recommend investing in this system FOR SURE! This is essential for families with small children.” – Justin C.

“I could instantly tell the difference in the water quality: softer skin, softer hair. We no longer have a calcium build-up around faucets and fixtures. Extremely happy with this decision and purchase!” – Victoria W.

For more information on Brita PRO products and how they can help your customers and business, visit our website.