Water Products

Water Products & How They Can Help Your Business

High-quality products that customers want are a big part of customer satisfaction. All homeowners should consider investing in water treatment systems. BuyMax offers a complete line of water treatment products that help remove chemicals and microbes from city water and disinfect water pulled from wells.

Water filtration systems are essential to keeping families safe from harmful contaminants and bacteria in their water. Help your clients invest in new water treatment products to drive your business revenue. See what our partners have to offer and how these products are beneficial to homeowners.

Benefits of Water Products and How Technicians can Upsell Products

While most of the drinking water in the United States is safe, it’s important to ensure that you’re doing your part to make sure that your water is safe, healthy, and great tasting—no matter where it comes from.

Millions of people across the country rely on water filtration systems to make their drinking water cleaner and healthier. Fortunately, a quality water filtration system doesn’t have to break the bank or require extensive installation. A system that filters your drinking water can help remove contaminants like chlorine and rust while also improving taste and odor.

Filtration systems are available for indoor and outdoor use and can be installed for just about any application or situation. Our partners have everything you need, from whole-house filtration systems to under-sink filters and portable pitchers to keep your water clean and safe.

A great way to improve the quality of your drinking water is to invest in a whole-house filter that attaches directly to your plumbing system. Sheets, clothing, and towels can absorb dirt in the washer and dryer, which can be unsafe and cause irritation. These water filtration systems provide cleaner, healthier water, reducing water impurities and dangerous contaminants throughout your water system, so you don’t have to worry about what might be in your water.

If you want better-tasting water but don’t have the budget for a whole-house filter, consider getting an under-sink system that filters only the tap water coming from one of your faucets. This type of filter is easy to install and helps improve the flavor of tap water from any faucet in your kitchen or bathroom.

Water products that we have available:

  • Water Softener: Provide healthier, fresher drinking water to homeowners by eliminating the minerals that cause hard water.
    • Canature: 89 High-Efficiency Water Softer: Using less salt and water. Protecting homes from hard water
  • Water Filtration: A range of water treatment products that remove chlorine, sediment, and other materials responsible for bad-tasting, smelly water.
    • Brita PRO: 3-stage whole house water filtration system
    • Canature: 89 Series Automatic Whole House Water Filter
  • Under-Sink Systems: These easy-to-install solutions turn any faucet’s tap water into bottled quality water.
    • Canature: 75GPD H.E.R.O. High-Efficiency RO System
    • Brita PRO: Single-Stage Under-the-Sink Filtration System

Driving Revenue for Businesses

For business owners like you, becoming a private branded dealer can be beneficial. Franchise owners that sell Brita PRO water products have seen an increase in revenue. Ned Norquist, the owner of the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise in Yorkville, Illinois, told us how the Brita name has helped increase his business’s revenue and impact his bottom line in our recent blog, “Benefits of Brita PRO Products and How They Can Increase your Business Opportunities.”

The Brita PRO 3-stage whole house water system installation costs about $1,000 per system. Just the price of that alone can quickly drive up your business’ revenue. Brita is a household name that everyone knows and trusts. Businesses are eager to push out the Brita name to provide their clients with clean filtered water.

While doing plumbing maintenance calls, technicians can upsell water products to help homeowners in the long run. We offer a variety of different water products from Canature, Brita PRO, and more to provide the proper solution for each home.

Check out the variety of water products that we have to offer in our Product Catalog. For more information about water products be sure to contact: support@4buymax.com.