Off Season

Maximize Your Off Season with BuyMax

With the season starting to slow down, be sure to stay ahead of your competitors and be prepared for the new year. Since it will be the off-season and you shouldn’t be as busy, it is a great time to make the needed changes. BuyMax wants to make sure our clients receive the best offers and discounts for their small businesses. See how BuyMax can help you manage and grow your business with our many vendors!

BuyMax Services that will help your business grow!

At BuyMax, we take pride in supplying your business with what it needs to grow and scale. These services can range from internet access to contact center technology or vehicle graphics to dash cams and geofencing.

These member-exclusive programs will help drive your business forward while keeping you connected to your employees and customers. See what additional services we can provide for your business to boost your business.

The current categories where BuyMax offers exclusive discounts and rebates to our members are:

  • Fleet solutions: including vehicle acquisitions, rebate fuel cards, maintenance discounts, GPS technologies, and even services that allow you to resell your vehicles hassle-free!
  • Communications partners: including wireless & mobility, internet access & carrier services, VOIP phone systems, contact center technology, and live answering services
  • Insurance: including a panel of preferred brokers for all brands
  • Consumer financing: including Ally Bank
  • Human resources: to support in recruiting and retaining your talent
  • Marketing partners: to increase your visibility in the market to potential customers

Profit Optimization Program (POP)

As a BuyMax member, take advantage of our member-exclusive Profit Optimization Program, or POP. This program is designed to analyze your current market spending and offer suggestions on cutting costs and improving your bottom line.

The POP is a free service that gives you access to a team of experts who will recommend ways to save money on your purchases. We'll gather your current spending information and dive deeper into your vendor spending details to better understand your company's needs. BuyMax will then analyze specific vendor savings opportunities for your business in areas such as distributors, communications, fleet, and more.

BuyMax will search our preferred vendors and partners for you to help you find the best prices and terms. We’ll also help you implement new vendors who will help generate bottom-line savings for your business. If you are interested in learning more about how BuyMax can help save you money, contact BuyMax for additional information.

BuyMax will help you to analyze and optimize all parts of the supply chain examining the marketplace for best-in-class partners. We also work with our members to determine what their sourcing needs entail. Our team will also conduct a market scan to determine who the market leaders are in each vertical.

What BuyMax vendors have to offer your business

BuyMax allows business owners to pool their purchasing power with other established companies to gain access to a wide range of goods and services at unbeatable rates, offer our members the best deals, discounts, and rebates. Here are some of our preferred vendors with what they have to offer:

  • Ally Lending: Consumer Finance with 0% dealer fee installment options and exclusive promotional programs to provide the best payment plans to help boost your sales. Now integrated with Successware!
  • AtoB Fuel Cards: BuyMax has partnered with AtoB to offer a universally accepted fuel card with competitive discounts on fuel nationwide.
  • Michelin Tires: Special pricing for BuyMax members plus a 2% rebate on qualifying tires.

With the busy season coming to an end, you should not let your guard down. Be prepared with BuyMax during the off-season to stay ahead of your competitors! For more information, contact our support team at