Maximize Savings: Mechanical One's $250,000 Rebate Journey with BuyMax

Mechanical One has been in business in the Central Florida area since July 2021. During that time, they have grown to seven shops with over 500 employees, 300 of them being technicians. Mechanical One specializes in HVAC and Plumbing and has grown to an over 100-million-dollar company in their two short years.

During the time they have been open, they have been loyal BuyMax members. We sat down with Rhonda Kelley, Purchasing Manager, to learn more about her experience with BuyMax and how our vendors have helped Mechanical One receive over $250,000 in rebates in two years!

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

So how exactly has Mechanical One been able to receive over $250,000 in rebates since they have opened and been a BuyMax member?

“We factor vendor rebates into our monthly purchases. If we know we are going to get a rebate at the end of the quarter from a vendor, we are more inclined to purchase from that vendor over another with a similar product. We can’t pass up a 2% rebate when we are buying over $100,000 worth of products. It really adds up and that would be money we were throwing away if we went with another vendor,” Rhonda explained.

Mechanical One gets most of their rebates from A.O. Smith, Ferguson, Goodman, and Daikin and they have been submitting those rebates since they opened. They are now looking to add additional vendors to their rebate filings like ADP, Home Depot, and Office Depot. “Everyone has receipts for Home Depot and Office Depot!” Rhonda said, “so why not submit.”

If she sees that other coworkers are using a BuyMax vendor, she makes sure to point this out and then works to add them to their filing list to ensure they are getting rebates from that vendor.

After receiving their last rebate check, she said their President, Jason James, said “BuyMax was the best money I ever spent.” When he first signed up for the program, he did not realize how lucrative the rebates would be.

Rhonda said, “We are going to keep pumping out our rebates every quarter and keep the relationship with BuyMax going. We have passed along the savings to our other shops as well. We have seven shops that take advantage of the BuyMax rebates, and we plan to open about four more shops this coming year.”

Exceptional Customer Service Simplifies the Rebate Filing Process

Rhonda has been with Mechanical One since the beginning and oversees submitting rebates for all seven of their locations. It takes her about a month to gather all the information needed and then get the rebates submitted.

She said, “After I learned how the BuyMax system worked for submitting rebates, it was relatively easy. The support I get from the BuyMax team has been great. If I can’t figure something out, I give them a call and they have gotten involved and gotten things moving in the right direction.”

“The team has helped me fill in gaps like it was nothing. They have always made me feel like they had plenty of time for me and that I could ask any questions. It was really nice and made the process much less painless than I thought it was going to be,” Rhonda said when talking about how she started submitting rebates.

If you are interested in learning more about BuyMax and how to submit rebates, email today.