Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Wilmington, NC: Providing Quality Water with Brita PRO

In the world of plumbing, experience and innovation go hand in hand. Established as a Ben Franklin Plumbing franchise in 2010, Dwayne Kincaid’s business has grown steadily over the years. He later made a significant decision that would benefit his customers and boost his sales by becoming a Brita PRO dealer in 2021. We’ll dive into Dwayne's experience and why other Benjamin Franklin Plumbing companies should choose Brita PRO as a partner.

Dwayne's journey in the plumbing business started long before he became an independent franchise owner. For years, he worked under the guidance of a seasoned professional, learning the ropes and honing his skills. In 2019, the opportunity presented itself for Dwayne to take the reins and purchase the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise in Wilmington, NC. This marked the beginning of his independent venture, backed by years of experience and a solid foundation of trust. In 2021, Dwayne decided to switch to Brita PRO, which has proven to be pivotal for his business. Since then, he has witnessed steady growth year over year, and 2023 is no exception, with an impressive 6% increase in water treatment sales, with Brita already on the books for this year.

Getting Started with Brita PRO

One of the keys to success in any business is staying ahead of the curve and offering innovative solutions to customers' needs. Dwayne recognized the importance of providing high-quality water solutions to his clients, and that's when Brita PRO caught his attention. In 2021, Dwayne made the strategic decision to become a Brita PRO dealer, opening up new avenues for his business and elevating the level of service he could offer.

Dwayne's journey with Brita PRO began when he visited the design center in Hickory. It was here that the three-stage filter, a high-quality product, was being developed. Dwayne had the privilege of meeting the talented design team behind the innovation and representatives from Brita PRO. His firsthand experience further solidified his decision to partner with Brita, as he witnessed their commitment to quality and innovation. Dwyane states while working with the Brita team, “Brita really listen to your question, really engage with us. If we have problems, they take care of it. Customer service is great; they’re only a phone call away, and their response is usually on the same day.”

Standing Out with Brita PRO

Water quality is of utmost importance to Dwayne and his team, and he believes that every homeowner and business deserves clean and pure water. By offering Brita PRO products, Dwayne and his team can ensure their customers access to reliable and effective water filtration systems. Whether removing impurities, reducing contaminants, or improving taste, Brita PRO's advanced solutions meet the highest standards, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Brita PRO's 3-Stage System is a game-changer in the world of water filtration. It consists of three filtration stages that work together to provide clean, pure, and great-tasting water. Brita PRO's 3-Stage System offers comprehensive water filtration, removing sediment, chlorine, VOCs, and heavy metals like lead. It guarantees safe and refreshing water. The 3-Stage System allows Dwyane and his team to offer their customers a more budget-friendly option.

The Wilmington location capitalizes on the need for filter replacements, creating recurring revenue. Their technicians maintain a consistent relationship with customers by offering scheduled replacements to ensure clean water. Dwayne mentions, “Our guys really like it. Brita was with us the whole time for training, walking us through the process. With Brita, we’re moving more products now. As you put down more products, there will be more maintenance calls, which helps with the long-term revenue and bottom line.”

When on a home visit, Dwayne and his team provide value-added services like system maintenance and water quality testing to enhance customer satisfaction. These services strengthen the bond with customers and foster loyalty.

Becoming a Brita PRO dealer allows Dwayne to provide superior water filtration systems and opens up new business opportunities. Dwyane mentioned how his location is currently working with coffee shops, providing them with high-quality water filtration systems and maintenance.

The reputation and recognition of the Brita brand amplifies the credibility of Dwayne's business, attracting more customers and generating increased sales. Dwayne is proud to be associated with a trusted name like Brita PRO, which aligns with his commitment to delivering excellence in the plumbing industry.

Dwayne's commitment to delivering top-quality solutions to his customers is evident, and his decision to become a Brita PRO dealer reflects his dedication to excellence. With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Brita PRO, homeowners can enjoy clean, pure, and refreshing water at their fingertips.

Customer Facing

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