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The Benefits of Surge Protectors

October is Fire Safety Month with a specific Fire Prevention Week (October 9th - 15th) whose goal is to raise awareness about fire safety and help ensure that homes and families are protected.

Power surges aren’t an everyday event, and we can’t tell when they will occur. Most people don’t realize that power surges and voltage spikes can damage your electronics and potentially cause electrical fires. It doesn’t matter if you own a home or an office; the same rules apply to protect your equipment from voltage spikes and power surges!

What is a Power Surge?

A power surge occurs when there is a sudden increase in voltage flowing through wires connecting appliances to electrical outlets. This is also known as “electronic rust” which is a daily event since the power grids have not kept up with the increasing need for power to homes and businesses. The increase in voltage causes energy to flow through the cables at such high speeds that it overheats them, causing them to break down and become damaged, which can overheat and cause a fire.

While power surges are usually short-lived events lasting only a few seconds at most, these surges and electronic rust can cause damage that often goes unnoticed until something mysteriously stops working.

Protect your home and office from dangerous fires

The most beneficial component of a surge protector is the protection of you and your assets from the risk of a fire. If you use countless devices and electrical outlets, it may become a fire hazard. Your house or business could catch on fire with just one power spike.

The surge protector acts as a safeguard against sudden power surges that might damage your electronics. Surge protectors divert and suppress extra voltage caused by power surges, thus keeping your appliances safe to help protect your electronics from electrical spikes.

A surge protector is a worthwhile investment to protect your home and belongings from disasters. Power surges are unpredictable and can put your home and property at risk for damage. By protecting your high-tech devices with a surge protector, you will be one step ahead in protecting yourself and your family from a potential fire.

Invest in protecting your expensive gadgets and home appliances  

Power surges can damage any electrical device plugged into a wall socket. With adequate protection in place, you’ll know that all your expensive electronic devices are protected! Appliances can be costly, and replacing damaged items will cause a hit out of your wallet. A whole-home surge protector can help you avoid those damages.

A whole house surge protector, which is designed to protect all of a home's electrical devices from power surges, can decrease the amount of damage done over time to those devices – reducing how often you have to repair or replace them.

How often do you conduct maintenance for your home’s systems, such as your HVAC system? You may encounter more maintenance expenses caused by surges in your power. By installing a surge protector, you could limit the number of maintenance visits you need each year.

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