Supporting a Franchise System

Supporting a Franchise System

Whether a franchisor is well established with hundreds of franchise locations or emerging into the space with just one corporate store, it’s never too late – or early – to talk about group purchasing for your owners.

Group purchasing gives you the opportunity to help your franchise owners enjoy lower operating costs. It can also take some much-needed time off of the franchisee’s and franchisor’s hands, as a group purchasing company will do the leg work to seek out the best prices through a wide range of vendors and suppliers.

Not only is this a great benefit to owners who will see firsthand the discounts and support they’ll receive in running their businesses, but it is also a great benefit to bolster during the discovery process. Aligning with a group purchasing group might be exactly what you need to set your franchise apart.

Preferred Vendors and Suppliers

It is crucial for franchise owners to keep their operational costs low. But, if your franchise locations have to rely on the purchase of large equipment or products, that can make it difficult. Especially when you factor in the supply shortages of the last few years.

With a group purchasing partner, you’re giving your franchise owners a big leg up on their competition. That is because your buying power will grow when all your locations are involved, instead of each owner locally trying to fend for themselves.

In addition to the necessary supplies to run a business, a group purchasing company will provide access to national vendors. They will also be able to negotiate for better discounts and rebates.

Private Label Brands

Group purchasing companies also provide the potential for private label products. Imagine seeing your logo in the equipment you’re installing in homes, on PPE gear, and more. This will help you continue to strength your brand across all your territories.

Branded products can be a differentiator in an industry of copycats and more than likely your competition is not walking into a home with their name on a product. These are your products with your name on them.

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