Introducing New Fuel Cards Solution Through AtoB

Throughout most of 2022, the prices at the pump have been a huge topic of conversation.

We have all experienced gas prices soaring to near or above $5 per gallon throughout the Spring and early Summer. Although there was a slight rate reduction throughout July, gas prices are still much higher than average.

The increasing costs of many necessities, like gas, along with rising inflation, means that now more than ever, businesses need to plan and budget wisely to ensure they can continue to thrive.

How BuyMax Can Help

BuyMax is pleased to share that we have partnered with a new fuel card program AtoB to help our members get discounted gas prices. AtoB is a phone app that highlights price per gallon and discounts per gallon at gas stations close to your location. You can expect 10 - 25 cents off per gallon!

Your new fuel cards and the AtoB Drivers App has several benefits:

  • A simple application process: Visit, select your brand, and complete an application in under five minutes.
  • Universal acceptance: AtoB fuel cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and can be unlocked for other vehicle expenses, like maintenance, tolls, and car washes.
  • Best-in-class discounts: Via the AtoB Drivers App, your drivers can access the Upside discount network, offering an average of 10-25 cents off per gallon at popular gas stations across the country, including Shell, BP, and 76.

We believe this program will be a great benefit to our owners and make a positive impact on their businesses.

AtoB Webinar

Last month, Richard Willard, Director of Customer Success at BuyMax, and representatives from AtoB held a webinar to share more about what AtoB has to offer.

Click here to watch the webinar.

To learn more about fuel cards or other BuyMax programs, contact your RAM or Customer Success Manager.

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