From the Field: IAQ Sales Tips

From the Field: IAQ Sales Tips

BuyMax aims to be your home for first-class Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products. We want to make sure you are fully stocked and want you and your technicians to be confident in selling.

We recently ran an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sales contest with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning technicians. After much competition, we interviewed the top technicians to hear the techniques that allowed them to rise to the top. These top technicians were Eric Benedict, Tom Miller, and Jonathan Jordan.​

Top Tips: 

Don’t Lead with Your Sales Pitch 

When starting a call to a home, try not to start your sales pitch too early. If you go in before creating a relationship, you can shut down the homeowner. Instead, take the time to get to know the homeowner, their lifestyle, and their concerns.

After building a rapport, you can make genuine suggestions to aid their Indoor Air Quality, and they will be more likely to listen knowing you are making personalized recommendations.

Through this strategy, your customers will be more likely to trust your future recommendations – resulting in happier customers and more significant profit.

Get the Homeowner Involved

When providing a solution to your customer, it can be beneficial to physically show them their heating and air conditioning parts to help them understand why your solution will be beneficial.

Tom Miller stated, “I always try to get the homeowner involved. I’ll bring them down there, pull the blower wheel out, and show him how dirty it is. Then, show them what the products they’re currently using are doing to their system. It’s just going the extra mile for the customer because a lot of people won’t go to the first mile.”

Use Your Resources

Our top techs have used extra tools and resources to support their claims to homeowners, including bringing along IAQ info sheets and bookmarking, and bringing up the EPA website. This allows the tech to discuss IAQ stats and show solution options with visuals and from trustworthy sources.

We hope these top tips from our leading technicians can help your techs bring in more sales. We look forward to our next IAQ sales contest!