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Florida’s Top Salesperson Transforms IAQ Sales with Passion and Energy

Imed Sahil has only worked at the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Lakeland, FL for three years, but in those three years, he has climbed his way to the top salesperson in Florida when it comes to Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, sales. So, what’s his secret? We sat down with Imed to figure out just that.

There is no doubt Imed has a passion for selling IAQ products and that, combined with his contagious energy, are two of the things that have led him to be so successful. When you break down Imed’s IAQ sales, he generally sells about 80% - 90% of the UV Light systems. If a customer already has the UV Light system, he will talk to them about the MicroPower Guard Filters to complement their system.

IAQ Selling Secrets

Imed’s number one tip when it comes to selling IAQ is to spend time servicing and maintaining your customers equipment to make sure you are giving it a thorough inspection before you go try and sell them something. He believes that people will be more willing to spend money on additional products or services if they trust you as a technician.

In addition, show and tell and educating his customers is another tactic he uses when selling IAQ products. After he completes his unit inspection, he believes the most powerful thing is to let your customer see first hand the growth, grime, and dirt that is plaguing their HVAC units. If a unit is in the attic, he will take a video of this to show his homeowner so they do not have to climb up into the attic.

Once customers take a look at the growth in their HVAC units, they are usually willing to hear about the solutions for how to stop this from happening in the future. This is where Imed uses his industry knowledge to educate his customers on the benefits of IAQ – their families health by breathing in clean air and increased efficiency of their HVAC unit since it will be running smoothly.

How to Position IAQ Products to Customers

When it comes to offering suggestions on how fix the customers indoor air quality, Imed offers two options:

  1. HVAC Unit Cleaning: While some customers may go this route, he likes to ensure they know that the growth will likely come back in about 6 months, and they will have to pay for another cleaning at that time.
  2. IAQ Product: Imed likes to offer the UV Light product as a solution to the problem, along with a free cleaning if they purchase this product. While it may be most costly up front, in the long run it won’t be since you will only have to pay the one-time price as opposed to paying for multiple cleanings.

If he notices the customer has a UV Light, he will talk with them about the MicroPower Guard. He also likes to sell the Dual Remote, Triple Remote, or Coil Scrubber.

Advice for Other Technicians Just Starting Out

Imed’s advice to other technicians just starting out or who have never sold IAQ products before is simple. Practice, connect the dots, and lead with energy when discussing potential upsell opportunities and products to your customers.

You must practice and understand the product and benefits so your passion on the product comes through when speaking with homeowners. You also want to connect the dots and show customers where they currently are and where they can be once they install an IAQ product – think cleaner air.

Sell with energy and make sure your customer can trust what you are selling them. Spend time examining their current HVAC unit and take the time to explain what is going on and how they can solve the issue with the IAQ products.

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