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How Omaha Increased Revenue 300% with the Help of IAQ Products

The One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning location in Omaha, Nebraska, has grown its revenue from 1 million to 4 million in 2 short years by introducing new products, such as the Indoor Air Quality products, offering more comprehensive training on products, and putting processes back in place, like Opex. When Scott Wood, Owner of this location, moved from the Tampa One Hour to Omaha, he realized there was a huge opportunity the location could capitalize on – selling IAQ products.

While Scott was at the Tampa location, a significant amount of their profit came from selling IAQ products, along with proper technician training, so Scott knew it was a no-brainer to introduce these products and offer more training in Omaha. Scott said, “These products not only help to increase revenue but also are a value add for our customers and offer them many benefits. They have also helped us retain technicians since their average ticket size has increased and they are making more money.”

The Omaha location now sells all the One Hour branded IAQ products, like the Triple Remote, Dual Remote, Coil Scrubber, Remote Complete, and 1” and 5” MicroPower Guard, along with the surge protection products.

In May, a member of the BuyMax team came out to their location to introduce and conduct training on the 5” MicroPower Guard. Since then, this location hasn’t been able to keep them on the shelves and it has been an excellent seller.

His thirteen technicians excel at selling these IAQ products, specifically the Triple Remote, their number one seller. When asked how they discuss these products with customers, Scott said, “We put everything in terms of prolonging your HVAC system with clean coils and blower wheels and improving your air quality.”

This messaging has resounded with their client base and has helped them increase their average ticket size and their IAQ sales by over 350% in the two short years they have been selling the products.

The IAQ products are generally an upsell that the technicians talk about when they are on a job site for maintenance, service, or another reason. Homeowners are usually very receptive to learning more about the products. A few things come into play when the homeowner is considering one of these products:

  1. Their technicians must develop trust with the homeowners. They do this by showcasing their tremendous product knowledge, so the homeowner knows they are recommending a high-quality product.
  2. The homeowner conducts their own research on the product and sees the high ratings.
  3. The lifetime warranty says a lot about the integrity of the product, as well as its relatively low maintenance.

These products are a good source of recurring revenue when it comes to maintenance of the products. The bulbs in the UV Light products need to be replaced every two years, and the MicroPower Guard media filters must be replaced every few months.

Motivating Technicians to Sell IAQ Products

The key to motivating his technicians to upsell these products is by providing a generous compensation and commission package for every unit sold, plus consistent training every morning meeting to help them gain more product knowledge and understand how to properly present these products to homeowners.

All of Scott’s technicians love selling these products due to the ease and quality of the installation. “They all want them in their homes,” Wood says about his technicians. “They are all trying their best to sell five IAQ products to qualify for the promotion to get one free.”

Training is another crucial way Scott drives his technicians to sell the products. Wood talks about IAQ products with his team at every meeting to drive awareness and adoption of the products. They also discuss their membership plans at every meeting, so his techs know how to effectively sell these plans. Scott also has worked with BuyMax and the vendor to put on customized training for his team so they can learn more about each product.

Advice to Other One Hour Locations Selling IAQ

When asked what advice Scott would give to other locations that do not sell IAQ products – “what are you waiting for?!” Scott wants people to ensure they utilize the training that both BuyMax and the vendors offer. “They are a great way to get your technicians up to speed and passionate about the products.”

Scott also says, “Don’t hesitate to reach out to your fellow franchise owners for training. You are part of a franchise for a reason and should take advantage of that network of connections to see how the other locations conduct their training and sell the products.”

If you want to learn more about the BuyMax IAQ products, contact your Regional Account Manager or email