What to Expect 2023

What to Expect from BuyMax in 2023

Savings, Savings, Savings!

BuyMax is here to provide you with increased buying power to drive your bottom-line revenue. This year, you can expect more opportunities to save with our vendor partners’ exclusive discounts, rebates, and promotions.

We are also working on improving our insurance panel, fleet solutions, and consumer financing to provide you with the best rates and products in the industry and make it easy for YOU to save money.

Keep Your Business Protected with our Insurance Panel

BuyMax is your one stop shop for all your insurance needs. We work with a panel of preferred brokers who are committed to saving you time and money and will provide you with customized options for new or renewed insurance policies.

We know keeping your business and employees protected is a priority which is why we partner with an array of vendors that offer you protection for your business, employees, and unexpected losses.

  • Business Insurances: We offer general liability, professional liability, bonds, property/inland marine, workers compensation, commercial auto, and umbrella/excess liability coverage to your business
  • Medical/Voluntary Insurances: We offer medical, dental, vision, and additional voluntary benefits such as disability, accident, and life insurance

Drive Your Business Forward with our Fleet Solutions

With ongoing supply chain issues centered around vehicle parts and acquisitions, BuyMax is here to help ease some of that burden. We partner with an array of vendors to help with your every fleet need.

  • Fleet Planning: Start your fleet planning with a personal consultation with a seasoned fleet planner who is there to understand your vehicle needs and evaluate the best strategy for your vehicle acquisition needs
  • Build & Deliver: We can help with all your vehicle branding needs with vehicle wraps, upfitting, and customized modifications then deliver your vehicle as designed
  • Fuel Cards: Branded fuel cards help you save money with “At Pump” discounts
  • Maintenance Plans: Our plans are competitively priced and help you with routine maintenance, repair options, and accident coverage
  • Telematics: Maximize your efficiency by knowing where your trucks are and to help your technicians get from point A to point B
  • Disposal & Resale: We can take the lead on selling or disposing of your vehicles that have reached the end of their life cycle

Help Increase Your Revenue with our Consumer Financing

Our consumer financing services not only benefit your business but your customers as well. Having the ability to offer consumer financing to your customers helps you increase your average ticket size while also helping your customer say YES to those needed repairs or expensive equipment replacements.

We partner with Ally Bank to offer you an exclusive program that will help provide the best payment plans for your customers. This will help you boost sales and increase your average ticket size since your customers will be able to better afford costly repairs.

For more information on what BuyMax has to offer or to become a member today, reach out to support@4buymax.com.