Terms and Conditions for Registering in the BuyMax

Added November 2006

  1. To access this Site, non-SGI Members must pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis. Fee schedules can be found in pages in the website.
  2. Members may pay for the subscription fee through this Site using the payment options offered through the Site, including using a credit card via BuyMax's secure server that the Member and its designated representative are each duly authorized to use. Member hereby authorizes BuyMax to automatically and immediately charge its credit card in the amount of the applicable subscription fee. If an individual places a subscription order on behalf of a business Member and uses that business Member's credit card for the subscription, he or she is representing and warranting to BuyMax that he or she is over the age of 18 and otherwise authorized to make the credit card purchase on behalf of the business Member. If that individual does not have such authority and/or if any Member's credit card or other form of payment is not honored for any reason, the individual and the Member shall remain ultimately liable for the total amount of the subscription, as well as for reasonable attorneys' fees, plus collection fees and charges, and BuyMax shall have the right to immediately suspend and/or cancel Member's subscription and any access to or use of the Site.
  3. Member acknowledges and agrees that payment for the BuyMax membership will occur on a pre-pay basis, that payment will automatically renew at the end of the applicable monthly term and that Member authorizes BuyMax to automatically charge Member's credit card for a new monthly term. Except as otherwise described herein, payments for subscriptions are non-refundable (no refund will be issued for unused days). If a Member cancels its subscription before the end of the applicable monthly term, Member's cancellation will take effect at the end of that term. However, Member's credit card will not be billed for the next monthly term.
  4. Member's access to and use of the Site remains conditional upon Member's compliance with the Terms of Use.