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Matt Rollings

National Manager, BuyMax
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Meet The BuyMax Team – Matt Rollings

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

Being able to travel around the country spending time with franchisees in their businesses and in their community. It really gives me a good understanding of how their business operates, who their team members are and how BuyMax can help their business, because none of them operate the same way. It has also allowed me to create some incredible personal relationships with many of the owners and their staff members.

What is the most challenging detail of your job?

Understanding all BuyMax has to offer to our members. BuyMax has changed and grown tremendously over the last three years under Authority Brands. With the growth, our offering for members is second to none. BuyMax has a lot of members that reach out asking, “Do you have a vendor that can handle a particular specialty?” We must stay up to date with the needs of vendors and the programs we offer so we can get timely information to our members when they need help.

What past experiences have helped shape you to be successful?

I heard a speech from a Vice President that has stayed with me. He said, you should never tell someone, “It’s Not My Job”. The speech really struck a chord with me because I attended military school, and we faced annual inspections of the academy. One of the most important things we were taught about that day was, if one of the Army officers asked you a question you were not to reply, “Sir I do not know.” Instead, you were to say, “Sir I do not know - and before this day is over, I will get you the answer.” Then find the answer and hunt that officer down to give it to him.

People ask questions because they are seeking help and if you reply with its not my job or I don’t know you are not doing them any good. It does not take much time to suggest the correct person who can help or to research and provide the answer.

What makes you happy?

Travel and the beach/pool/ocean. My wife, Kristine and I love to travel and see as much of the world as we can. We have a few trips planned for 2022, and on one of them I will be checking off Vermont, one of the last remaining five states I have left to see. We are also looking to plan a bucket list trip in a few years to Africa.

We live in Sarasota, FL and moved here about eight years ago. We are 10-15 minutes from what we believe is the number one beach in the USA - Siesta Key and we try to get there as much as possible. We moved here because we both love to the beach, pool or being on a boat.

What is a typical weekend like for you?

Kristine and I spend a lot of time together on the weekend. Since I travel sometimes for work, it is the time we always know we can have together. We love the water and try to make it to the pool, beach or we go sailing if the weather is good for one of the weekend days. Our weekends are not typical because we like to find new and adventurous things to do. The only time I can guarantee a day of the weekend being typical is on a Sunday during football season…I will be near a TV with the NFL Red Zone on.

How would you respond to a dissatisfied, irate customer?

The first thing I would do is calm them down and let them know that I am hearing what they are telling me. (That is not always the easy part of dealing with this though.) Once I can do that, I would ask them to tell me the issues and listen to understand…not to reply right away. Then I would seek to find a solution so both sides are happy.

What is your advice to a young graduate entering the workforce?

As it relates to work, do what makes you happy and make sure that you wake up every day wanting to do what you are doing. Most of us have had those jobs where we wake up every day dreading going to work. It makes the rest of your life just as miserable. I’ve been there, and I can tell you that I enjoy what I do and do not dread going to work. You will be a better person inside and out if you are happy with what you do for a career.

Is there anyone you admire professionally? If so – why?

My dad, Dale had very little but made himself into a successful man. I always felt if I had a third of the knowledge he had, I would have been so much more successful in my career. I worked at his law firm for 12 years and was always amazed at how he could pull a transaction and deal together. He was a successful attorney, the Executive Director for a funeral homeowner’s organization and had a winery, while still making time for his family. That is admirable as he also ensured his family were all taken care of.

If you had a chance to be the President of the United States – what would be your first task?

Term limits for everyone. Our founding fathers did not create this country for elected positions to become a full-time job. I think we have all seen over the last few years that our government has gone stagnant on getting things done. I think having new blood in the congress every few years would help break some of that freedom and there would be a greater focus on representing constituents.

How long do you think the “new normal” work routine will last?

The “new normal” has been my normal since 2017 when BuyMax moved from Sarasota to Houston. I was one of the lucky ones that was not asked to move to Houston and that is when I started working from home.

I think we have seen a shift in the “new normal” work routine and environment. Businesses are going away from having large offices and employees coming in every day. Employees are liking the more “laidback” environment created by working from home. Some of the studies I have seen highlight production has not changed much so in the long run I think the “new normal” is a benefit for both the employee and the employer.