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Chris Chinn

Customer Success Specialist
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Meet The BuyMax Team –Chris Chinn

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

I enjoy the opportunity my job provides to talk to so many different people. Our franchise owners are hard workers who have varied stories to tell about their road to success. I am intrigued to learn how they got to where they are.

What is the most challenging detail of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is staying organized. An average day could see several varied requests and since our goal is to provide excellent customer service, I am charged to meet everyone’s needs in a timely manner. I have improved my organizational skills to meet the challenge, but I am keen to continue learning new tips to keep me organized.

What past experiences have helped shape you to be successful?

I have always worked in customer service and support roles and that has provided a platform for me to fully appreciate the countless ways people respond to not getting what they want. Understanding how people and how they think and respond to stress has helped me in my current role.

What makes you happy?

Traveling with my wife makes me happy. My dream is to set foot on every continent and on as many countries as possible. So far, we have explored Iceland, Germany, Mexico, and all over the USA. We also have a trip planned this year for England, Belgium, France, Spain, and Portugal.

What is a typical weekend like for you?

I look forward to weekends to have long lazy days in the garden and to complete projects around the house – seems there is always something that needs done. I have a private pilot license, but I haven’t flown in a while. I want to add resuming flying to my weekends…

How would you respond to a dissatisfied, irate customer?

Handling irate customers is always a delicate dance. My strategy is to slow down the conversation and try to understand the issue from the customer’s point of view. To properly assist, I like to employ empathy by putting myself in the customer’s shoes. Once I do that, it makes it easier to address the problem.


What is your advice to a young graduate entering the workforce?

My advice is to remain flexible. Life and work are rarely what you expect and being flexible is the best way to grow and adapt as unplanned curveballs come at you.

Is there anyone you admire professionally? If so – why?

I had a former supervisor that perfectly combined honesty, blunt-ness and caring. You always knew where you stood with him, and he would do his best to make you better if you gave him your all. He was an inspiration to me, and I strive to emulate his qualities in my personal and professional life.

If you had a chance to be the President of the United States – what would be your first task?

Finding a fiscally responsible way to make universal health care a reality…There are too many people that are deprived of basic health services.

How long do you think the “new normal” work routine will last?

This “new normal” is here to stay. Many employees changed jobs during the pandemic, adjusted to working from home and adapted to hybrid environments. As such, there is now a “new normal” that will not easily be removed. Companies that try to force employees back into the office just because, will likely end up losing valuable employees to their competitors who have embraced remote work.