Meet the BuyMax Team The BuyMax team is working to make your business successful. We’ll be adding more of the team over the next few months. Stay tuned to see who else is here to help you grow!
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Ashley Kelly

Customer Success Specialist
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Meet The BuyMax Team –Ashley Kelly

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

I really enjoy learning about the varied BuyMax programs and vendors. I also feel accomplished when I can help our franchise owners save money or secure a vehicle in this tough market. Additionally, if I am asked for help with a specific need or question, I am gratified because I know that, in that person’s eyes, I can offer valuable knowledge.

What is the most challenging detail of your job?

The most challenging detail of my job is often keeping track of everyone! There are so many franchisees and making sure everyone is taken care of can be hard sometimes, but it’s also a thrilling part of my duties. To know that I am successfully managing multiple accounts adds to feeling valuable.

What past experiences have helped shape you to be successful?

The fact that I’ve owned and managed my own business helps me to readily identify and relate with new franchise owners. That initial hurdle to get everything off the ground can be stressful at times. My mom was there to help me keep track of everything that needed to be done and stay on the right path. Now I am the nurturing, guiding role for others.

What makes you happy?

I enjoy traveling anywhere and am satisfied with a short road trip on the weekends. I am also happy to share new experiences with my husband and my dog.

Closer to home baking and sewing are my favorite pastimes. The pleasure of wearing something that I made is unmatched (even though I don’t sew often now). When friends taste my cakes and then comment on how delicious they are – I am happy.

What is a typical weekend like for you?

My husband and I enjoy hanging out with our friends and family. We like to visit restaurants, try new foods, or just chill on the couch watching a movie. Conversely, we equally enjoy a slower pace - waking up late or taking an afternoon nap to recharge for the week ahead.


How would you respond to a dissatisfied, irate customer?

I would first listen attentively to try to grasp what the customer has identified as the problem. Then, I would acknowledge their discomfort and try to work with them to find a solution that would be acceptable to them. It is also important for me to let the customer know that I care about what they have shared, and that I will find a way to help address their problem.

What is your advice to a young graduate entering the workforce?

I believe in the saying – do what makes you happy. I would advise the graduate that happiness is not always easy to achieve, but to try their best to find employment that they are passionate about to make an honest living. I believe when you are doing what makes you happy – you don’t mind learning and putting in extra time and as a result you will work better with others to achieve organizational goals and success.

Is there anyone you admire professionally? If so – why?

My dad is my hero. He held down several jobs while going to school and that discipline helped him to be super successful in the technology industry. He knew how to take advantage of trends and he climbed the corporate ladder to become a valuable asset to his company.

If you had a chance to be the President of the United States – what would be your first task?

We would all enjoy three-day weekends – every week.

How long do you think the “new normal” work routine will last?

I am fine with the “new normal.” I enjoy the option of working from home where my dog is close by and I can go outside during my breaks to take in fresh air. I hope it will be a lasting trend, but I also miss going into the office and interacting with my team. Bouncing off ideas over a telephone call or a chat is not the same…