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Meet The BuyMax Team – Bryan Wright

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

At the last conference, a Ben Franklin franchisee introduced himself to me, and he told me that he was surprised and impressed with how much money he saved using our insurance partners. While I was on the phone with one of our largest One Hour franchisees, we reviewed how much money he saved on his Goodman purchases, and he was really pleased and surprised because it was much better than he expected.

My favorite part of the job is when we exceed our customers’ expectations – when we save them more money than they expected.

What is the most challenging detail of your job?

Not only am I part of Authority Brands, but I am also a franchisee. We recently acquired a territory for Doody Calls. There is always a natural tension between the franchisees and the franchisor. Franchisees pay a lot in fees to the franchisor, and they expect a lot in return.

My least favorite part of the job is when a franchisee is unhappy, and we can’t meet their expectations. Sometimes their expectation is unreasonable. Other times, we don’t have the systems, capabilities, or processes to meet their expectations. In any of those cases, it is frustrating for me and the franchisee.

What past experiences have helped shape you to be successful?

My early professional jobs were in the construction industry. I built shopping centers, cell towers, prisons, and churches. I was fortunate to work with a very wide range of trades businesses of all sizes. I think that I have a pretty good understanding of the challenges that our franchisees face, and I learn more all the time. The better I understand our franchisees, the more we are likely to be able to help them be successful. When the franchisees are successful, then we are successful.

What makes you happy?

When my family is happy, I’m happy.

What is a typical weekend like for you?

My weekends are intentionally boring these days. My teenage daughters always have events that we need to chauffer them to. This summer, we will be carting the kids to swim meets and dance practices.

How would you respond to a dissatisfied, irate customer?

I’m always going to listen to a frustrated customer, and we will do our best to resolve any reasonable problems. If we can’t solve their problem, I’ll be honest and forthcoming with them about what we can and cannot do.

What is your advice to a young graduate entering the workforce?

Consider starting your own business right away rather than working for someone else. College tends to prepare us to look for a job working for someone else. The first job out of college could be working for yourself.

My daughters are thinking about colleges now, and I’m encouraging them to consider starting their own business as early as possible. Franchising has convinced me that most people can run a successful business.

Is there anyone you admire professionally? If so – why?

There is no single person that stands out for me. I admire many individuals for specific things that they have accomplished and how they have done it. I think that people who are successful professionally all tend to work hard, work smart, get along well with others; and they tend to make the most of the lucky opportunities that come up in their lives.

If you had a chance to be the President of the United States – what would be your first task?

The first task would be to repair the political divisions that have formed over the last decade. The President is in a better position than any other single leader to bring the separate factions back toward a center where we are able to work toward common goals.

How long do you think the “new normal” work routine will last?

This is the new normal. I don’t expect us to go back to anything like the way it was before. The new normal means that some people will work from home. Some people will work in the office, and we will all be on more zoom calls than we were in the past.